Detailer Training Series 1

by AutoValet

Training Series 1 provides detailers with insight into every aspect of car care maintenance. Alternate Harmonize App. versions are available for Dealerships, Car Washes, Auction Houses and Detailing Retailers (contact Auto Valet™). Please start by viewing our introductory Video 1 on the right.

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Welcome to Auto Valet's instruction training video series; throughout the sequences we will be sharing many tips and explaining how to use the appropriate tools and chemicals to clean and recondition your vehicles. Each task and process have been prepared to promote efficient and safe workmanship in your detailing operation.


Video 2
Personal Protection Equipment (PPE):
In your workplace, safety must be the number one priority. Personal protection equipment (PPE) should be available to all employees as needed. Working with certain chemicals and heavy equipment exposes workers to injuries.

Video 3
Power Tools and Equipment:
In this video we will be review a number of important power tools. We will include the product codes for easy reference where applicable. Using these tools properly, and in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions will keep you safe, and ensure no damage to the vehicle.

Video 4
Hand Tools:
In this video we will review a number of important hand tools used in the detailing process. You will want to keep your tools organized and maintained in top working condition in order to work safely and efficiently. Tools should ALWAYS be used in accordance with the manufacturers written instructions. We have included the product codes for easy reference.

Video 5
Auto Valet Multi-Product Detailing Station:
In this video we will review the operation and bene?ts of the Auto Valet Multi-Purpose Detailing Station C50100. The Auto Valet Multi-Product Detailing Station promotes organization and tidiness while detailing vehicles.


In this series, the work to be performed in advance of the main exterior wash if highlighted; tar, sap and bugs on exterior painted surfaces, under the hood cleaning and dressing, rims and tires will be reviewed, demonstrated and performed. (These processes are done before washing the vehicle, while the exterior is dry.)

Video 7
Degreasing & Dressing the Engine Compartment:
In order to ensure the engine and engine compartment of a vehicle are thoroughly washed and degreased; this video will demonstrate the total elimination of dirt, grease and grime from the engine, engine compartment, rendering the area ready for a premium water-based dressing.

Video 8
Cleaning, Degreasing, Brightening Rims & Dressing Tires:
This video will demonstrate how to ensure that the rims are restored to a like new luster and the Tires and Wheel wells are thoroughly washed and degreased. This is a multi-step process that addresses the rims, spokes, back side of rims and renders the tires ready for a premium dressing that will provide a Hi gloss or Mid gloss finish based on customer preference.

Video 9
Cleaning Greasy, Grimy Exterior Painted:
In order to ensure the vehicle is ready for washing, the vehicles exterior areas that are exposed to heavy deposits will be cleaned and degreased; on certain problematic areas of the vehicle, deposits of grease, grime dirt and oil on the rocker panels, door jams, tail gate jams and around hinges will be removed.

Video 10
Washing the vehicle exterior with the correct soap
To ensure that the cars exterior finish is returned to its best possible condition, the total elimination of dirt, grease and grime must be achieved. This is a multi-step process that addresses the cleaning of painted surfaces ensuring they are ready for a premium compound, finishing wax or quick wax based on customer preference. Exterior lights, grill work and trim surfaces will also receive an all-purpose general cleaning during this process.

Video 11
Removing Fallout from horizontal and vertical painted surfaces:
Industrial fallout occurs when small airborne metal particles, commonly from railway lines and industrial areas settle on the surface of your car and bond to it. When the particles begin to oxidize, they look very unsightly; if left untreated can damage the paintwork underneath. Although industrial fallout can look severe and even irreversible there are a few ways in which it can be removed.

Video 12
Dressing the Tires:
Ensuring the tires and seams between the tire and rim are free of water will provide a premium look to your finished work, and reduce liability. The use of a microfiber or air gun will speed up the process


In this series, we focus on the interior, starting in the front cabin and working our way to the back seat area using specific cleaning and dressing products for each of the hard surfaces in the dash, doors, console etc. Soft surfaces are vacuumed, treated and/or shampooed as required and application of fabric protection is optional. We use a special leather cleaner and conditioner to restore and protect leather surfaces. Cleaning the glass is one of the final stages.

Video 13
Cleaning Vehicles Interior Hard Surfaces:
Concentrating on the cleaning of the dash, center console and the cleaning of vinyl doors, this video explores the removal of tough staining and scuffing problems. Cleaning the interior dash and console will generally be performed prior to cleaning the glass, and usually after completing the exterior wash.

Video 14
Cleaning Vehicle Interior
We review cleaning the passenger compartment floors, mats and upholstery in this video. We explore tough staining problems in this video and be using power tools such as cleaning guns, X-tractor equipment and a vacuum. This step in conjunction with cleaning the interior dash and console will be performed prior to cleaning the glass, and usually after completing the exterior wash.

Video 15
Protecting the Interior Upholstery Fabric, Leather and Vinyl:
In this video segment we're going to review 3 protection treatments: one for fabric, one for leather surfaces and one for vinyl. As always, be sure that you're dressed to protect the vehicles painted and vulnerable surfaces; oversized belt buckles, exposed zippers, buttons and sleeve cuffs can cause scratching and unwanted damage while reaching and accessing hard to reach and confined areas of the vehicle.

Video 16 The objective in this video is to exhibit how you will remove routine surface contaminants from the vehicles glass and mirrors. The interior glass may be contaminated with residual smoking related grime or spotting from condensation or streaking and will also need to be cleaned properly

Exterior Paint Correction & Protection

Video 17
Scratch & Hologram Removal from Exterior Paint:
In this video, we will demonstrate how to remove scratches, scuffs, holograms and lightning streaks from a vehicles exterior paint. Scratches can only be removed if they have not gone through the vehicles clear coat into the base coat of the paint. If scratches have gone through the clear coat, compounding will still work to minimize them, making it harder to detect on the painted surface.

Video 18
Waxing the Vehicle:
Waxing your car immediately after buffing will replace the protective properties of the original clear coat.
Spread the compound out evenly across the area with the buffing pad (while the buffer is not in motion) to ensure that the compound doesn't splatter onto adjacent surfaces. Avoid getting the compound on chrome, rubber, or glass. A high-speed angle grinder with a buffing wheel will give you the best result, but be warned: It requires practice to master the technique so you don't unwittingly damage the paint. An orbital buffer is easier to use for the inexperienced, but it won't be as effective.

Headlight Renewal

Video 19
Cleaning & Renewing Headlights:
Foggy headlights look unsightly and make it hard to see at night. Much of what we do in detailing is cosmetic, but this is a task that actually does affects performance and safety. So to get started with these headlights tape off around the headlights.